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Water Filtration

Tired of buying costly bottled water for your home or business, call All Star Plumbing today and learn more about our water filtration system...

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Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling

There’s no better time to update, renovate, remodel and add value to your home. Call All Star Plumbing for your next Kitchen or Bath Remodel...

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Toilet Repair Mesa

Toilet Repair Mesa Is your toilet clogging up? Forget trying to do DIY repairs that can result in bigger problems. Contact All Star Plumbing for prompt and reliable toilet repair in Mesa. We can easily be reached through 480.981.7827. You may also request for an estimate for your residential or commercial property by filling out our quote request form on our website.

Are you having troubles with a toilet back up or leak? Does your toilet in Mesa require at least two flushes to push waste down? Does it make odd noises all night long? Are there stains at the bottom of the toilet? Are there frequent stoppages? Can you ‘rock' while seated in your toilet? Don't panic--simply call All Star Plumbing at 480-981-STAR. As the toilet repair expert in Mesa, we can come to your home right away and provide fast service and reliable solutions.
If toilet repair is not enough and the fixtures themselves are troublesome, we can also install a replacement. That said, we will never recommend a replacement unless it is necessary or is the most practical way to go. We don't want our customers spending the extra money for new toilet if it's not essential. All Star Plumbing will diagnose the issue and guide you to the best possible solution. We will help you weigh toilet repair costs versus buying a new toilet and let you decide.
Toilet replacement may be more practical if you are annoyed by recurring clogs (more than once a week). If you have an older, low flush toilet and the random stoppages are aggravating you, it might be a good idea to replace your toilet. Do you see hair line cracks on the tank or bowl? They might turn into a flood of water when you least expect it. It might be more practical to replace it before it breaks completely. The problem is even bigger if you notice leaking water whenever you flush.

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